Crypto: Is Wise Token the next HEX and 100x?

I feel I’m almost a little late on this one lol. I only just found out about Wise Token at random on Youtube a few days ago the weekend of 12/11. This started me down a weekend long rabbit hole and putting in some Ethereum to see what happens. In doing some research and scanning the web Wisetoken is making some top 3 lists calling for 100x gains in the next year or sooner. This all sounds too good to be true probably another pump and dump but then I looked into it some more and found some amazing features.

Peter Girr is the founder and his LinkedIn shows he had a degree in theology and works in Army intelligence. This to me sounds like the perfect background for a crypto founder or another great internet conspiracy lol. Peter puts up videos daily and is very informative about explaining the project. I suggest visiting his YouTube channel “wisestaking” for a more granular overview of the project.

Today 12/15 is day 35 of the auctions for the initial 250 million Wise Tokens. There will be a 500 million token fix supply. To buy Wise you will need to use Ethereum to bid on the auctions here. If you need to buy Ethereum do it quickly as there are only 16 more auctions till Wise Token goes live. You can easily buy Ethereum on Coinbase but it will take about 5 days to clear before you can withdraw it. Once your Ethereum clears you will need to go If you use this link you will get 10% more tokens. You will have to create a metamask wallet which is easy and fund it with your Ethereum. will let you connect directly to metamask right on the web page. I would dollar cost average into the remaining auctions. I got very lucky on Sunday during the extreme auction but will not go in that heavy again, it could have been a disaster.

The features that stand out about this coin is the liquidity and interest payment/inflation/coin creation. The Ethereum used to buy Wise Tokens will then go to Uniswap a decentralized exchange to provide liquidity for the wise/eth trading pair on the exchange. This has been an issue for alt coins in the past and they crash. Wise Tokens are created via 3.5% inflation rate. You can get interest for staking your coins. Not 100% of holder will stake so interest rate can be much higher and who does not love compounding. If you end your stake early there be a 90% penalty but as a feature you can insure your stake for early withdrawal. I’m hoping this will give investors reason to hold their coins as a long term investment. Click here for an extra 10% and get ready for a moonshot? Good luck!




Technology Enthusiast, Amateur Economist and Father

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John G. Tourloukis

John G. Tourloukis

Technology Enthusiast, Amateur Economist and Father

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